CCNA 4 v6.0 Pretest Exam Answers 100%

CCNA 4 v6.0 Pretest Exam Answers 100%

1. The buffers for packet processing and the running configuration file are temporarily stored in which type of router memory?





2. How does implementing STP allow for a scalable network design?

It eliminates Layer 2 loops from redundant links.*

It provides failover services when duplicate network equipment is used.

It filters broadcasts and other undesirable traffic from the network.

It prevents local traffic from propagating to other parts of the network.

3. A home user is looking for an ISP connection that provides high speed digital transmission over regular phone lines. What ISP connection type should be used?




cell modem

cable modem

4. What is a characteristic of a default static route? ​

It backs up a route already discovered by a dynamic routing protocol.

It uses a single network address to send multiple static routes to one destination address.

It identifies the gateway IP address to which the router sends all IP packets for which it does not have a learned or static route.*

It is configured with a higher administrative distance than is the original dynamic routing protocol.

5. Which three pairs of trunking modes will establish a functional trunk link between two Cisco switches? (Choose three.)

dynamic desirable – dynamic desirable*

dynamic auto – dynamic auto

dynamic desirable – dynamic auto*

dynamic desirable – trunk*

access – trunk

access – dynamic auto

6. On which switch interface would an administrator configure an IP address so that the switch can be managed remotely?



vty 0

console 0

7. Which statement describes a route that has been learned dynamically?

It is automatically updated and maintained by routing protocols.*

It is unaffected by changes in the topology of the network.

It has an administrative distance of 1.

It is identified by the prefix C in the routing table.

8. Refer to the exhibit.

CCNA 4 v6.0 Pretest Exam Answers

Which switch will be the root bridge after the election process is complete?





9. What three application layer protocols are part of the TCP/IP protocol suite? (Choose three.)







10. In addition to the cable length, what two factors could interfere with the communication carried over UTP cables? (Choose two.)



size of the network

signal modulation technique

electromagnetic interference*

11. Which information does a switch use to keep the MAC address table information current?

the destination MAC address and the incoming port

the destination MAC address and the outgoing port

the source and destination MAC addresses and the incoming port

the source and destination MAC addresses and the outgoing port

the source MAC address and the incoming port*

the source MAC address and the outgoing port

12. A network engineer has been tasked with connecting two large autonomous systems (AS) together over the Internet. Which routing protocol should be selected?





13. What important information is examined in the Ethernet frame header by a Layer 2 device in order to forward the data onward?

source MAC address

source IP address

destination MAC address*

Ethernet type

destination IP address

14. What are two reasons to implement passive interfaces in the EIGRP configuration of a Cisco router? (Choose two.)

to provide increased network security*

to shut down unused interfaces

to avoid unnecessary update traffic*

to mitigate attacks coming from the interfaces

to exclude interfaces from load balancing

15. Which two functions are primary functions of a router? (Choose two.)

packet forwarding*


domain name resolution

path selection*

flow control

16. Which two devices allow hosts on different VLANs to communicate with each other? (Choose two.)

Layer 2 switch

Layer 3 switch*




17. An EIGRP router loses the route to a network. Its topology table contains two feasible successors to the same network. What action will the router take?

The DUAL algorithm is recomputed to find an alternate route.

The router uses the default route.

The best alternative backup route is immediately inserted into the routing table.*

The router will query neighbors for an alternate route.

18. What three blocks of addresses are defined by RFC 1918 for private network use? (Choose three.)***

19. Which two pieces of information are required when creating a standard access control list? (Choose two.)

destination address and wildcard mask

source address and wildcard mask*

subnet mask and wildcard mask

access list number between 100 and 199

access list number between 1 and 99

20. Match the subnetwork to a host address that would be included within the subnetwork. (Not all options are used.)

Place the options in the following order.

— not scored — ->
— not scored — -> ->

21. Which criterion is preferred by the router to choose a router ID?

the IP address of the highest configured loopback interface on the router

the IP address of the highest active interface on the router

the router-id rid command*

the IP address of the highest active OSPF-enabled interface

22. A network administrator is entering the command ipv6 unicast-routing to start configuring DHCPv6 operation on a router. Which statement describes the function of this command?

It is required for sending ICMPv6 RA messages.*

It is required to configure stateful DHCPv6 server on the router.

It is required to configure stateless DHCPv6 server on the router.

It is required for enabling DNS service in DHCPv6 configurations.

23. What three services are provided by the transport layer? (Choose three.)

flow control*

encryption of data

path determination

connection establishment*

error recovery*

bit transmission

data representation

24. Which TCP/IP model layer is closest to the end user?



network access


25. When applied to a router, which command would help mitigate brute-force password attacks against the router?

exec-timeout 30

service password-encryption

banner motd $Max failed logins = 5$

login block-for 60 attempts 5 within 60*

26. Which circumstance would result in an enterprise deciding to implement a corporate WAN?

when its employees become distributed across many branch locations*

when the network will span multiple buildings

when the number of employees exceeds the capacity of the LAN

when the enterprise decides to secure its corporate LAN

27. A corporation is searching for an easy and low cost solution to provide teleworkers with a secure connection to headquarters. Which solution should be selected?

dial-up connection

leased line connection

site-to-site VPN over the Internet

remote access VPN over the Internet*

28. Which three statements are true about PPP? (Choose three.)

PPP can use synchronous and asynchronous circuits.*

PPP can only be used between two Cisco devices.

PPP carries packets from several network layer protocols in LCPs.

PPP uses LCPs to establish, configure, and test the data-link connection.*

PPP uses LCPs to agree on format options such as authentication, compression, and error detection.*

29. A network administrator is configuring a PPP link with the commands:

R1(config-if)# encapsulation ppp
R1(config-if)# ppp quality 70

What is the effect of these commands?

The PPP link will be closed down if the link quality drops below 70 percent.*

The NCP will send a message to the sending device if the link usage reaches 70 percent.

The LCP establishment phase will not start until the bandwidth reaches 70 percent or more.

The PPP link will not be established if more than 30 percent of options cannot be accepted.

30. What is the protocol that provides ISPs the ability to send PPP frames over DSL networks?





31. Refer to the exhibit.

All routers are successfully running the BGP routing protocol. How many routers must use EBGP in order to share routing information across the autonomous systems?





32. Which three values or sets of values are included when creating an extended access control list entry? (Choose three.)

access list number between 1 and 99

access list number between 100 and 199*

default gateway address and wildcard mask

destination address and wildcard mask*

source address and wildcard mask*

source subnet mask and wildcard mask

destination subnet mask and wildcard mask

33. Which pillar of the Cisco IoT System allows data to be analyzed and managed at the location where it is generated?

data analytics

fog computing*

network connectivity

application enhancement platform

34. What two protocols are supported on Cisco devices for AAA communications? (Choose two.)






35. What guideline is generally followed about the placement of extended access control lists?

They should be placed as close as possible to the source of the traffic to be denied.*

They should be placed as close as possible to the destination of the traffic to be denied.

They should be placed on the fastest interface available.

They should be placed on the destination WAN link.

36. What network monitoring tool copies traffic moving through one switch port, and sends the copied traffic to another switch port for analysis?





37. Match the term to the description. (Not all options are used.)

38. Which type of QoS marking is applied to Ethernet frames?




IP precedence

39. Users are reporting longer delays in authentication and in accessing network resources during certain time periods of the week. What kind of information should network engineers check to find out if this situation is part of a normal network behavior?

syslog records and messages

the network performance baseline*

debug output and packet captures

network configuration files

40. Which feature sends simulated data across the network and measures performance between multiple network locations?





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