IT Essentials v6.0 A+ Cert Practice 1º Exam Answers 2018

IT Essentials v6.0 A+ Cert Practice 1º Exam Answers 2018

1. A technician is building a thick client workstation that would be used to run a database and wants to ensure the best protection against errors. What type of memory would be best suited for this?


2. Which two motherboard components connect to the Northbridge chipset? (Choose two.)

USB 2.0 devices
USB 3.0 devices
FireWire devices
video card*

3. Which two motherboard components are directly managed by the Southbridge chipset? (Choose two.)

video card
USB 3.0 devices*
FireWire devices*

4. Which RAID level allows for extension of a dynamic volume without any redundancy?


5. Which adapter would a technician install in a desktop computer to enable a video signal to be recorded from a video recorder to the computer hard drive?

video adapter
TV tuner card
video capture card*
network interface card

6. What is a characteristic of DDR SDRAM?

It transfers data twice per clock cycle compared to once per clock cycle for SDRAM.*
DDR SDRAM modules have double the number of pins of SDRAM memory modules.
It is dynamic memory whereas SDRAM is static memory.
It operates at double the voltage of SDRAM memory.

7. A user has just upgraded a gaming system with 8GB of DDR3 800 MHz RAM and still finds that the system lags during gameplay. The system has a high end graphics card, liquid cooling, and a 7,200 rpm EIDE drive. What can the user do to improve system performance?

Change the voltage setting for the RAM.
Replace the EIDE drive with an SSD.*
Replace the liquid cooling system with a high speed ball bearing fan cooling system.
Add two more case fans.

8. A user has connected a USB 3.0 device to a computer using a 3 ft (1m) USB 3.0 cable. However, instead of an expected data transfer rate of up to 5 Gb/s, the user notes a data transfer rate of no more than 450 Mb/s. What is the most probable reason for this lower than expected data transfer rate?

The device was connected to a USB 2.0 port on the computer.*
The cable used exceeds the maximum length that allows USB 3.0 to transfer data at 5Gb/s.
The device was connected to a USB 1.1 port on the computer.
The USB 3.0 cable is faulty.

9. A user is connecting a home entertainment system and wants to use one cable to carry all the digital video and audio signals from the source device to the LCD TV. What type of cable should the user use?


10. A user needs to connect a cable to the PC to deliver digital video signals only. Which type of cable should be used?


11. Which connector would be used for a laptop external hard drive?


12. A user wants to purchase a monitor that will be light, consume the least amount of power, and provide deep dark levels in the display. Which display type would best meet these requirements?


13. Which resolution would provide the best visual quality on a plasma monitor?


14. A user wants to purchase a monitor with a viewing area that is 44 inches wide by 16 inches high. What aspect ratio is this?


15. Which design specification criterion is most important when designing a computer that will be a thin client whose applications are accessed from a remote virtual server?

amount of RAM
amount of local hard drive storage
number of processor cores
speed of network card*

16. A technician is building a workstation that will be used for virtualization. Which two components would the technician use? (Choose two.)

dual monitors
high-end graphics card
liquid cooling
maximum amount of RAM*
multicore processors*

17. Which three components would a technician use in building a CAD workstation? (Choose three.)

multicore processors*
maximum RAM*
specialized graphics card*
TV Tuner card
high-end sound card
Windows 7 Home edition

18. Which specification would be most important to consider when designing a typical business workstation?

high-end sound card
number of displays
types of applications*
network connectivity speed

19. A technician suspects that a power supply is faulty. How can it be checked?

by checking the temperature of the power supply
by using a multimeter*
by taking apart the power supply
by powering up the PC after disconnecting each connector in turn

20. What transfers heat away from the processor first?

cooling fins
thermal compound*
CPU fan
case fans

21. A PC has an older optical drive and two newer hard disk drives Which two connector types would have to exist on the power supply unit to power on all these devices? (Choose two.)


22. A technician is required to replace a faulty power supply in a desktop PC. The PC motherboard has a 24-pin ATX socket but the only available replacement power supply is one with a 20-pin connector. Delivery of new power supplies with 24-pin connectors is not expected until the next day, but the user requires the PC to be operational as soon as possible. What can the technician do in these circumstances?

The technician can install the power supply and insert the 20-pin connector into the 24-pin socket on the motherboard.*
Power supplies with 20-pin connectors are not compatible with motherboards with 24-pin sockets, so the technician can do nothing until the new power supplies arrive.
The technician can use a 20-pin-to-24-pin adaptor to connect the power supply to the motherboard.
The technician can recover the 24-pin connector from the faulty power supply and attach it to the replacement power supply for connection to the motherboard.

23. A technician needs to install a new power supply in a PC that has one IDE optical drive, one SATA hard drive, and one PCIe graphics adapter that requires additional power. How many unique power connectors will the power supply require in order to connect to these devices?


24. Which setting must be turned on in order to share a printer in Windows 7?

Share this Printer
Windows Firewall
File and Printer Sharing*

25. Which three PC desktop functions are typically provided on the front panel and must be connected to the motherboard? (Choose three.)

network activity light
PC power button*
drive activity light*
USB connectors*
CPU temperature indicator
audio power button

26. Which two hardware features would a technician monitor within the BIOS if a computer was suspected of overheating? (Choose two.)

CPU clock speed*
CPU fan speed*
motherboard voltage
hard drive speed
Trusted Platform Module

27. A user has a computer with a single hard drive and a RAID adapter installed. Which additional component is necessary to complete the RAID installation?

a USB connection
a floppy disk drive
one or more additional hard drives*
a DVD drive

28. A computer technician has recommended a data storage system that combines data striping and parity. The user has a limited budget and is prepared to forego performance to implement this system. Which RAID system would meet these requirements?

RAID 0+1

29. A technician opens up a PC to work on it, and finds that it is very dusty inside. What should the technician do?

Ignore the dust, as it does not affect the computer.
Use a lint-free cloth sprayed with a cleaning solution to remove excess dust.
Use a can of compressed air to remove excess dust.*
Use a moistened cotton swab to remove excess dust.

30. A user replaced a PC CPU with a faster one, but now the PC displays a BSOD on bootup. What is the problem?

The CPU voltage is set too high.*
The CPU multiplier has not been set.
The front side bus is set too low.
The CMOS settings have not been saved on bootup.

31. A computer locks up frequently, and no error message can be seen on screen. The problem occurs every time the user attempts to restart the computer. What is the most likely reason for this problem?

The index service is not running.
The power supply has failed.
A startup file has become corrupted
The computer is overheating.*

32. What are two possible causes of a computer running slowly? (Choose two.)

The hard drive has been partitioned.
The hard drive is full.*
The CPU has been overclocked.
The RAM is not compatible with the motherboard.
Not enough RAM is installed in the system.*

33. Which type of network consists of several geographically dispersed networks that cover a large area?


34. A network technician is checking a computer to see if the DHCP client is working correctly. The technician issues the ipconfig /all command. Which two parameters should the technician review? (Choose two.)

default gateway*
host name
media state
subnet mask*

35. Which protocol automates assignment of IP addresses on a network, and which port number does it use? (Choose two.)


36. A technician is setting up a network in a new room. What is the best device to use to connect the PCs to each other and to the rest of the LAN?


37. Which device converts digital signals to analog signals and vice versa?


38. Which networking device transmits data to all ports regardless of the destination address?


39. Which device will prevent data from flooding out of every port with the exception of broadcast traffic and traffic to unknown destination addresses?


40. Which two types of connector are used for fiber optic cable? (Choose two.)


41. What are plenum rated cables used for?

for cables that are used between buildings
for cables that are installed inside the floors and ceilings of buildings*
for cables that are used to connect workstations to wall sockets
for cables that are used to connect computers back-to-back

42. Which tool is more commonly used to check the wire mapping on a Category 5e UTP cable once it is terminated on both ends?

cable tester*
tone probe

43. What is the expected behavior of an ADSL service?

The download rate is faster than the upload rate.*
The upload rate is faster than the download rate.
The download and upload rates are the same.
The user can select the upload and download rates based on need.

44. A customer who travels frequently wants to know which technology is the most suitable for being connected to the corporate network at all times at low cost. Which network technology would a network administrator recommend?


45. A technician is troubleshooting a PC unable to connect to the network. What command should be issued to check the IP address of the device?


46. Because of limited space on a laptop keyboard, some keys have a dual-purpose. What are these keys called?

control keys
alternate keys
special purpose keys
function keys*

47. On a laptop keyboard, which three functions can typically be accessed through the use of special function keys? (Choose three.)

volume settings*
wireless functionality*
display brightness*
Windows Start menu
Task Manager
Control Panels

48. Which three components can a docking station make available to a laptop that a port replicator does not? (Choose three.)

PS/2 ports
additional hard drive*
additional optical drive*
USB ports
PCI cards*
networking ports

49. A technician attempts to increase the brightness of a laptop screen by using the function keys but the attempt fails. What could be the problem?

The laptop battery is bad.
The video display driver is corrupt.
The inverter has failed.*
The LCD screen has failed.

50. Where is the integrated Wi-Fi antenna typically located in a laptop?

on the keyboard
on the system board
integrated into the wireless card
above the screen*

51. A technician wants to use Remote Desktop to configure another PC. Which firewall port on the remote PC should be open in order for Remote Desktop to work?

20 and 21

52. What are the two widths of internal hard drives in laptops? (Choose two.)

1.8 inches*
2.5 inches*
3.5 inches
5.25 inches
3.8 inches

53. Which laptop component is required to be replaced or upgraded by a technician rather than by a computer user?

hard drive

54. Which two components of a laptop can be replaced by the user? (Choose two.)


55. Which type of storage would be best in a tablet computer that belongs to a small child?


56. A technician is troubleshooting a network connectivity problem. Pings to the local wireless router are successful but pings to a server on the Internet are unsuccessful. Which CLI command could assist the technician to find the location of the networking problem?


57. A technician troubleshooting a network problem has used CLI commands to determine that a computer has not been allocated a correct IP address from the DHCP server. Which command can the technician use to solve this problem?


58. What process takes place in a laser printer after the drum is conditioned for the new latent image?


59. What type of printer requires the ribbon to be changed when producing faded and light characters?


60. Which two methods are used to directly connect mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones to a data network? (Choose two.)

cellular communications*
wired Ethernet

61. For mobile devices, what are two advantages of using flash memory storage technology that is the equivalent of solid state drives? (Choose two.)

light weight components*
power efficiency*
ease of upgrading
high capacity
flash memory storage is field-serviceable

62. Which two mobile device components are field replaceable? (Choose two.)

touch screen
Subscriber Identity Module card*
internal SSD
accelerometer sensors

63. What is an advantage of using a printer that is connected to a hardware print server compared with a computer-shared printer?

A computer that shares a printer always allows for faster printing of documents.
A hardware print server is always available to all users.*
A computer that shares a printer always prioritizes the printing tasks.A hardware print server will have more memory to store the print job than a computer will have that shares a printer.

64. A technician wants to allow many computers to print to the same printer, but does not want to affect the performance of the computers. What will the technician do to achieve this?

Use a software print server.
Use a computer-shared printer.
Use a hardware print server.*
Install a second printer.

65. A user is reporting that an inkjet printer is printing colors different from what the printer should be printing. The printer has separate cartridges for each color and the user changed the cyan cartridge recently. What is the action that could fix the problem?

Perform a printer head cleaning.*
Check for loose printer cables.
Use a different type of paper.
Purchase a maintenance kit.

66. Which two field replaceable units could be found in a laser printer maintenance kit? (Choose two.)

fuser assembly*
pickup rollers*
power supply
paper trays
toner cartridge

67. What is best used to clean the heating element on a thermal printer?

mild solvent
soap foam
isopropyl alcohol*
distilled water

68. A user notices that there is intermittent wireless connectivity on a laptop that is running a wireless PCI Express Micro card using the wireless 802.11n standard. What should the user do to fix the problem?

Replace the PCI Express Micro card with a Mini-PCIe card.
Replace the PCI Express Micro card with a Mini-PCI card.
Move the laptop to a new location.*
Replace the OS on the laptop.

69. A technician connects a new LCD monitor for the first time and finds the display very pixilated. What is a possible solution to this problem?

Set the screen to native resolution.*
Change the monitor video connector from DVI to HDMI.
Power cycle the monitor.
Set the screen resolution to VGA.

70. Which wireless encryption method is the least secure?


71. What kind of tool or substance is better to use to remove spilled toner on a laser printer?

mild detergent solution
compressed air
regular vacuum cleaner
special vacuum cleaner*

72. Which feature will assign a computer an IP address even if there is no working DHCP server in the network?


73. A user reports that a laser printer is printing shadow images and letters. Which part should the technician replace to correct this problem?

network cable
pick up roller

74. Which sequence of steps is required to correctly install a heat sink and fan assembly onto a CPU in a desktop PC?

1. Apply a small amount of thermal compound to the CPU.
2. Align the heat sink and fan assembly retainers with the holes on the motherboard.
3. Place the fan and heat sink assembly onto the CPU socket.
4. Tighten the fan and heat sink assembly retainers to secure the assembly in place.
5. Connect the assembly power cable to the CPU fan connector on the motherboard.*

1. Connect the assembly power cable to the CPU fan connector on the motherboard.
2. Align the heat sink and fan assembly retainers with the holes on the motherboard.
3. Place the fan and heat sink assembly onto the CPU socket.
4. Tighten the fan and heat sink assembly retainers to secure the assembly in place.
5. Place the correctly aligned CPU gently into the socket.

1. Place the correctly aligned CPU gently into the socket.
2. Align the heat sink and fan assembly retainers with the holes on the motherboard.
3. Place the fan and heat sink assembly onto the CPU socket.
4. Tighten the fan and heat sink assembly retainers to secure the assembly in place.
5. Connect the assembly power cable to the CPU fan connector on the motherboard.

1. Apply a small amount of thermal compound to the CPU.
2. Align the heat sink and fan assembly retainers with the holes on the motherboard.
3. Place the correctly aligned CPU gently into the socket.
4. Tighten the fan and heat sink assembly retainers to secure the assembly in place.
5. Connect the assembly power cable to the CPU fan connector on the motherboard.

75. Which security mode supports robust encryption, and can be enabled with password authentication (personal) or server authentication (enterprise)?


76. Match the power connector to the device. (Not all options are used.)

77. Refer to the exhibit. Match the type of expansion slot to the letter shown in the graphic. (Not all options are used.)

78. Refer to the exhibit. Match the letter found in the exhibit with the description. (Not all options are used.)

79. Match the connector type to its use. (Not all options are used.)

80. Math the port number or numbers to the protocol. (Not all options are used.)

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