CCNA1 v6.0 Chapter 10 Exam

CCNA1 v6.0 Chapter 10 Exam 2018

Chapter 10: Application Layer

Applications, such as web browsers, online gaming, chatting with and emailing friends, enable us to send and receive data with relative ease. Typically we can access and use these applications without knowing how they work. However, for network professionals, it is important to know how an application is able to format, transmit and interpret messages that are sent and received across the network.

Visualizing the mechanisms that enable communication across the network is made easier if we use the layered framework of the OSI model.

In this chapter, we will explore the role of the application layer and how the applications, services, and protocols within the application layer make robust communication across data networks possible.

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CCNA1 v6.0 Chapter 10 Exam